Nude of the Week – Bestial Daz Render

the problem with working so much on my preliminary renders is that I keep getting ideas, making new renders and getting excited about them.. so I’m going to showcase a few renders that got lost by the wayside. at the moment I am getting used to the new reality render engine for daz so I don’t have any new material and the painting I’m working on is in a difficult place, so I don’t want to post it right now!

15 cost cutting tips for artists – and where to draw the line

The GFC has tightened everyone’s belt. this is a reality, but sticking to a budget doesn’t have to be a bore and it doesn’t have to be temporary. every cost saving tip you learn now will help you out when things improve. I actually do better on a tighter budget! my post last week inspired me to create this list of tips. I’m very cheap, I search to buy everything at the best possible price and I try to save wherever possible. I do not, however, like cutting corners or losing out on quality.

Nude of the Week – Bewitched

I sent out messages venting my frustration to the world on twitter and facebook. this inspired many comments from friends , artists on twitter and even a discussion on fine art views (which sadly, I was unable to respond to, something went wrong in the comments for me) it’s amazing how everyone’s encouragement helped me bounce back and turn it around. this painting went from being a failure to being, well, something of a success if the comments are anything to go by!

Nude of the Week – Musing

I became obsessive and detached and thoroughly engrossed in my work. hands have always been one of my favorite subjects, they speak volumes in each tiny gesture. in quite a few of these recent pieces the face is blank and all the expression is contained in the hands – what do they say?

Artfire, Discovered Artists and Etsy.. oh my!

Arched – 7×5 oils on canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum I’ve been working hard on updating my new pro account at artfire . adding new artworks , updating a blog there with tips, feeding the new stuff to twitter and then wash, rinsing and repeating. some of my descriptions have become a little stale so I am revamping some of them and trying to make these pieces pop.

Nude of the Week – Emerging

I loved reading everyone’s suggestions because it gave me so much insight into what people see in the piece. sometimes you are just too close to something to really get it. the colors are very bright and happy in this one, I very much enjoyed playing with the colors and experimenting. click on the link to see the detail images.