Change of focus

Languid – 18×36 Acrylic and gesso on Canvas this myspace debarcle has burnt me out of a lot of social media at the moment, at least for non art related media…. So many marketing newsletters have come to me lately saying that not one person can do everything, that we all have to sort out our priorities and not spread ourselves too thin and I think that this is a lesson I really need to learn…. I get distracted by a new shiny site and I am off and signed up and working away and my focus is spread so thin you can use it for a supermodel.

Dear myspace..

I would like to know: What counts as nudity to myspace – how much of a body needs to be unclothed for it to contravene the T&C?… I would like to start a new page and try to regain the ground I have lost but I would like to know the details of the nudity clause so that I don’t contravene it, and so that other artists may use myspace without fear of losing their hard work as well. please be as detailed as possible in your response, I would prefer to have too much information rather than not enough – not enough information is what led to this problem in the first place.

Myspace Censorship of Artists

They have deleted gay bands and activists who speak out, musicians and visual artists, political activists and pretty much anyone who says or does anything that they didn’t like…. while nudity is something they have issues with I am surprised that there are pages out there for sex offenders and porn while a small site featuring purely art nudity is deleted…. I’ve outlaid time and money on Myspace that I wont see again if I give up but I don’t want to look unprofessional by re-inviting all my old friends.