Change of focus

Languid - 18x36 Acrylic and gesso on Canvas
Languid – 18×36 Acrylic and gesso on Canvas

this myspace debarcle has burnt me out of a lot of social media at the moment, at least for non art related media. so, I am changing tack and developing what I know and love. I am going to focus on my Blog, my Redbubble account (which has been neglected terribly) and my flickr. build up my contacts and focus on networking there, where freedom of expression is encouraged rather than quashed.

So many marketing newsletters have come to me lately saying that not one person can do everything, that we all have to sort out our priorities and not spread ourselves too thin and I think that this is a lesson I really need to learn. I work crazy hours until I crash, recover slowly from the exhaustion (feeling guilty for not working all the while) until I am ready to work again. I get distracted by a new shiny site and I am off and signed up and working away and my focus is spread so thin you can use it for a supermodel. it’s just too much! especially when I am trying to pick up my studio hours. so no more!

…at least for now 😉

2 thoughts on “Change of focus

  1. hey, I found your blog on flickr, cool stuff you have here. Man, I have even trouble to start working if it’s not a necessity (although drawing/painting I could do forever;))

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