Dear myspace..

Doubt - 24x 20 Oils on Canvas - nude art by Jennie Rosenbaum
Doubt – 24x 20 Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

Dear Customer service, I have been trying to get a response to a question by a human so far without success. now it appears that even the bots are disregarding my politely worded question.

My account has been recently deleted. I am an artist specializing in tasteful expressive nudes dealing with women’s issues such as body image. none of my paintings show anything more than I have seen on any other myspace page in photographs, sometimes depicting minors. my works are enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds and will be featured on prime time national television here shortly.

What I am after is a statement on the T&C’s nudity prohibition. I would like to know:

  • What counts as nudity to myspace – how much of a body needs to be unclothed for it to contravene the T&C?
  • What body parts may or may not be shown on a myspace page? please be specific here – breasts, nipples, buttocks, mound of venus, vulva, peni, etc.
  • What is the opinion of myspace of Not Safe for Work practices? Most people consider NSFW to consist of nudity in a sexual or arousing context as opposed to a more utilitarian one.
  • What is the degree of censorship to painted/sculpted nudes as opposed to photographic nudes?
  • What is the degree of censorship to artworks as opposed to other members’ nude and semi nude happy snaps?

I would like to start a new page and try to regain the ground I have lost but I would like to know the details of the nudity clause so that I don’t contravene it, and so that other artists may use myspace without fear of losing their hard work as well. please be as detailed as possible in your response, I would prefer to have too much information rather than not enough – not enough information is what led to this problem in the first place.

I eagerly await your response,

Jennie Rosenbaum

5 thoughts on “Dear myspace..

  1. I doubt you’ll get a response. If they’re going to be so ham-handed as to delete your account with no warning or explanation, they’re surely not going to do something as complicated as actually explain their T&C in a clear and concise manner.

    I’m prepared to be surprised, though…

    (Honestly, when I read the title for this entry, I thought it was going to be followed by “please die in a fire”. But that’s just me.)

  2. Sorry. Woke up two minutes ago. Let me rephrase that question: Why not just stay on WordPress? Why try to set up another account on a platform with non-existent customer service?

  3. That’s a good question Paul, sometimes I think I am a glutton for punishment. I’m hammering away at this still because I don’t think it’s ok for them to do what they have done to me and to other artists. especially considering the levels of smut on the site already. why target artists? I wasn’t harming anyone and I am offended in the extreme by this censorship. and, because I can be somewhat pigheaded from time to time, I want to beat them over the head with it!

    I actually mostly used my myspace to refer people to my blog and to my galleries, my blog is still my first love, it’s been neglected a little of late but I do think that blogs remain the key for freedom of expression.

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