Farewell 2013

a sneak peek at a new render! this is based on a cave painting in South Africa.

a sneak peek at a new render! this is based on a cave painting in South Africa.

A little late perhaps, but here is my summary of 2013. For good or for ill 2013 was a very odd year. The highs were extremely high, and the lows were extremely low. Any year that begins with the death of a loved and inspirational friend is thrown onto the wrong foot from the start. But celebrating his life with friends and through work really helped drive my focus and inspiration to a whole new level. I still miss you Mr Ennui.

Last year I had my most successful exhibition to date. Both in terms of sales and reactions. The opening had a stellar turnout and record sales. The exhibition really fuelled my love for this new direction my work is taking. The Mission to Seafarers said that no artist has raised more for them than I have. I am delighted that the commission on my work went to such an important cause.

On the down side of this exhibition, I worked so hard that I almost burned out. This is due, yet again, to my inability to work without a deadline pushing me forward. And this is a big thing I want to work on. I worked about three months of 12+ hour days and took about three days off in that time. Total. Including weekends. I have since learned that people have died for overworking less than that so I am feeling less guilty about being sick and resting for much of the remaining year.

But in lieu of actually painting I have been researching for my next exhibition. I spent much of my rest time reading and researching, conceptualizing and creating renders that will help me when I get the dates for the next show. This preparation part I can do without a firm deadline. And the new renders are looking very exciting! I have also been working on studies of different facial structures and colors.

I went off prescription painkillers. This is a big one. After nine years on different prescription pain medication I realized that it was not doing any good for me anymore. I felt no different on the medication than off so I took myself off them. I have seen marked improvement in inflammation since removing the drugs. I still take over the counter pain relief, but it’s been over six months now! This does not mean I am better, I think it just means I am tougher.

I participated in several group exhibitions and was offered a solo show in New York! I am still hammering out the details but much of this year will be spent raising the money to get me and my art there.

I had a wonderful cruise with my family. It was great to get to see them and spend time with them after all the work. I’m pretty sure my daughter forgot who I was! We were sick, seasick and the weather was terrible, but we had a fantastic time. The South Pacific is beautiful and cruise ships are like their own little world. I was reminded of how much I love to perform on stage.

2013 was my best year for sales ever. It was my best year for new art and ideas. I may have missed my family during the beginning of the year but I sure got to make it up to them! I found out that post exhibition depression can take on many forms and some are less obvious than others. I blogged less than I wanted to. I followed through less than I wanted and I saw friends less than I wanted.

I want to thank my friends and family for supporting me though such an interesting year, and to my wonderful collectors who own a piece of my heart and soul, thank you.

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