WIP – Blue man

WIP – Blue man
Originally uploaded by minxdragon.

I have progressed further with this work – correcting the anatomy and enhancing the features. I have also removed a lot of the mud in the colors. There is still probably one more session on this work but I need it to crust again, it is too wet to work properly anymore and for the highlights and low lights to be strong enough. I am happy with the way it is progressing – I think it will be cool when it is done.

As usual you can click on the picture to get a bigger version (in Flickr) This is quite a large painting so some of the detail and texture will be less apparent in the photo. My studio gets the best light for photographing and my new easel makes it easy to move it to the best location but texture is harder to capture when wet as light reflects oddly off some of it. when it is dry and varnished it will come up much better in photos – of course when it is finished dry and varnished it will look better anyway !

I am planning some other works and might get to do some more work today. I hope so.

One thought on “WIP – Blue man

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