Now Copyblogger is talking to me too!

5 Signs Your Blog Post Is Going Horribly Wrong | Copyblogger:

It happens to us all.

Fired up by a great idea, you sit down ready to crank out that killer post. But as you get farther into it, your enthusiasm is replaced by a sense of dread.

Clearly, you’re getting bogged down. You’re not sure what the problem is, but the piece is not coming together the way you thought it would.

I found this in my RSS feeds just now. Not only does it apply to the press release I am avoiding, but also to the work that I am painting currently. I am wondering how I would re-write this if I was to make it about painting.. It would probably be quite similar…

1. What’s the Point?

Go back to your original concept, strip it back and recall the original image behind it.

2. Who Cares?

What is the meaning behind this work? who will it appeal to? have you gotten bogged down by what you think others want?

3. Bad Chi

I personally believe a painting should have a lovely flow to it from the different focal points, lovely lines and curves that allow the eyes to flow around them. I also like to interrelate the shapes to each other creating flow that way.

4. Detail Dump

Detail is great but can weigh down a painting as well, know where to use detail and where to use beautiful simplicity.

5. The Rambling Road

Unify the parts of the painting – let every feature have a point and a purpose.

Yeah, probably something like that! This list from copyblogger is very good and I highly recommend it, I know I will be referring to it for my blogging.

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2 thoughts on “Now Copyblogger is talking to me too!

  1. hmmm… that’s exactly whats happening to me now! Each time i touch the keyboard, my mind goes blank! Things that i find interesting suddenly becomes mundane!
    boy… am i losing it or what?

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