Well Hung

100_3322.JPG Well, the hanging is all done, the paperwork is signed and all that remains is for me to chill for the next few days. It’s a good feeling, everything is organized and finished up.

On Saturday, I added hanging hardware and varnished the pieces. on Sunday we all met and arranged the works for hanging. Woud you believe, that after all my stressing – I did too many pieces? I probably could have made it a solo afterall. but oh well! I save more moneys this way. This piece didn’t make the cut. I dropped it to create more space and because it just didn’t fit in with the rest, I love the colors though. I’ve added it for sale at BoundlessGallery.com.

I am so glad that I now have time to relax. I don’t think this will be as physically taxing as the last one because it all feels so organized. I’ve learned so much from the previous show, it’s made a huge difference. Having this one follow so closely on the tails of the last one has really helped cement the learning process.

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