Baring More Than Ever Before

Silf, by Jennie

Artists Interview Artists: Jennie Rosenbaum

Jennie Rosenbaum, an artist from Melbourne, Australia, participates in the Artists Interview Artists Project. Below Jennie responds to another artist’s five questions (Jesus de la Rosa from McAllen, TX). In order to participate, Jennie had to provide me with five questions for some other artist to answer. The assigning of questions to artists is completely random.

Thinking About Art: Artists Interview Artists: Jennie Rosenbaum:

This is such an interesting interview project, I am delighted to be a part of it. Artists write questions and send them to blogger and fellow artist J.T Kirkland, who randomly assigns some questions from another artist and posts the responses on his blog Thinking About Art.

I have had some experience now in responding to questions and interviews, I think it is so important, not only to increase my ability to talk about my art, but also to know what to say. every interview or question is an opportunity to look at things in a different way, I find more about myself every time!

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