nothing sadder…

Slide (detail)
Slide (detail) by Jennie

…than a sick artist.. really, it’s pathetic. I kept trying to drag myself to my studio and finding myself feverish and shivering, still trying to hold onto my easel. The good news is I’m almost better. I did get some painting in last night. I seem to be on a very dark bent with my painting of late. rather than question it or wonder why I am just letting the paintings emerge the way they want to. a couple of things are clear: my painting is progressing and evolving, and I have issues. but we all knew that anyway!

I think the key thing is that I am working so hard on the business side that I am not painting as much as I should or want to. no matter how much work I do, if the paintings aren’t there then there is really no point! I am excited again about seeing my paintings leap out of my head and onto the canvas. my block seems to be over and, with it, my fears of doing justice to the works in my mind, and my fear of letting go.

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One thought on “nothing sadder…

  1. I look forward to seeing this ‘dark’ work you speak of. Your less-dark work is so lovely, expressive, graceful, sexy, evocative… – I love it, but the dark is so intense, so incisive and riveting… It punctuates your work, by it’s very contrast defining the rhythm of your creative flow, so different, and yet it’s entirely yours – unmistakably *of* you.

    Your work moves from buttery sensual serenity and sexual languor through paintings so imbued with movement that they look the way dancing feels – then the images so riven with pain and frustration that whilst nearly hypnotic, they are hard to contemplate for more than a few moments – right through to dark, emotionally coarse paintings that feel as though they were painted using ash and coals raked bare-handed from the grate of incompletely quenched emotional blazes.

    It’s not surprising that, given the way you use contrasting highlight and shadow in your painting style, that the theme of contrast carries through into your overarching production arc.

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