Nudity in Missouri?

Norman Rockwell knew what he wanted and wouldn’t settle for less, even when it came to models.

Peter Rockwell recalled a 1956 trip to New York he made with his father, who needed a model to pose nude for a painting of an old lobster man with a mermaid trapped in his lobster pot.

“When we got to the modeling studio, there were six young women waiting, each holding a photo of themselves in the nude,” recalled Rockwell.

“In the painting, my father carefully covered the mermaid’s breasts with the bars of the lobster pot, but some still called it lurid and pornographic.” – Rockwell’s son visits Butler, recalls life with dad :

Norman Rockwell remains one of my favorite artists. it’s surprising to some but his emotive works and characterization are so strong, they still have the same impact on me that they did when I was young. I think it’s wonderful that his son is still relating stories about him and it tickles me that this piece was considered lurid – talk about your nude controversies! I love his use of color and his easy realism that captures us at our best and worst and still manages to tug on the heartstrings.

It fascinates me that I relate to so many things that come from my home state. I tend to gravitate to them and I have no idea why. I formed a theory that fantasy writers and artists grew naturally in Missouri and Kansas as the wide open spaces were perfect for exercising the mind and the monotony encouraged breaking out of the mould. but why are so many of my favorite authors and artists from Mizzourah?

I think it has something to do with an ideal sense of community and family, of belonging somewhere.

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One thought on “Nudity in Missouri?

  1. interesting story about rockwell’s son’s recollection, but as this was the saturday evening post cover in august 1955, i find his claim about a shopping trip for models in 1956 to be a bit suspect…

    i own a pencil signed a/p of this. are you interested in marketing it? thank you!

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