big things afoot..

Hiding  - 18" x 18" Oils on Canvas

Hiding – 18" x 18" Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

some big and strange things are happening that are very cool, and very bizarre. I think at times I can be afraid of success. I never knew what that meant before – I’ve always been ambitious and not afraid of hard work or the tough road (some might say ball busting… but usually not men in my hearing) but sometimes when everything is going well, I wait for the other shoe to drop. if something wildly surprising and new and exciting happens I am always afraid to share the news in case it’s all an enormous hoax, or a dream or fate playing a cruel cruel game. I don’t know if that is fear of success, completely neurotic or just plain old Pessimism. it seems sometimes that I get excited about some news only to have something leap up and bite me on the butt.

wish me luck! and I hope one day I will be confident enough to tell you all about my successes as they happen – not after the fact.

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