tarring all nudes with the same brush

Turmoil - 12 x 12 Oils on Canvas

Turmoil – 12 x 12 Oils on Canvas
by Jennie Rosenbaum

Boundless Gallery have undergone many changes of late. a new look, some snazzy interface changes for it’s artists and a new tabbed front page with lots of options to discover work. Failing to be satisfied, many of the artists for whom Boundless has tirelessly worked are now calling for censorship of nudes. due to one explicit example that made it’s way onto the new ‘discover an artist’ feature that randomly includes artist’s images from all over the site, there is now a demand for site-wide censorship of nudes. Some have said that they should be kicked from the site entirely, others have said that they should just only appear in searches, not on the front page, Some are saying that there should be an adults only section, and others say that they should be blocked to non members.
I am furious. most of the artists screaming for blood are speaking in very general terms lumping all nudes in with explicit nudes. Boundless has responded by limiting all nudes from the front page. it appears that anything tagged as a nude is not shown on the front page. including the bestsellers tab. you can imagine how that affects me. and if some of the proposed changes go ahead I will be relegated to the doghouse with all other nudes, both tasteful and explicit. I will receive less exposure, less chance for new discoveries and will have an automatic association with sexual nudes. it has been stated that people who like nudes search for nudes, but I have had people who don’t like nudes discover and love my work. through boundless no less. People who don’t search for them specifically. and now that will be the only way to find them. oh, I am still there a couple of pages deep. but I am suffocating already under this unfair censorship. No customers have complained about nudes on the front page, all of this is coming from the artists.
I do not believe my works are not appropriate for families. I would not have any issues with my children (planned) or my grandparents seeing my work. I have seen kids at my exhibitions with no problems. I believe my works are family friendly and if Boundless gives into this they will be pandering to the notion that all nudes are wrong, evil and always sexual in nature. they will be enhancing this image and tarnishing the reputation of nudes everywhere. I will be drafting a formal letter of protest to Boundless tomorrow. I urge you all to show your support by signing it in the comments or forwarding it onto boundless as well.

2 thoughts on “tarring all nudes with the same brush

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  2. Hi Jennie,

    I am astonded by what is happening over there; it seems as if there are a group of exitable do-gooders who are upset. As far as I can see there are about 4 people out of how many? (800 I don’t know) who are ramming it down other people’s throats.
    I send a message to the photographer who had the cucumber and knife image that was mentioned a few times and he was completely unaware of what was going on. In fact he is presently sueing another site for the same kind of restrictions.
    I have been seriously thinking of moving on and this is another reason to do so.

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