Take me to the Kittens!

A Loving Mom

I haven’t browsed Flickr for a while but I thought I would get back into it again a bit.. I was looking through one of my contacts, who has the adult content filter on his works only to see this delightful message. and yes, it does indeed take you to kittens. many many kittens.

If you’ve changed your mind about wanting to see this content, you can ESCAPE. – TAKE ME TO THE KITTENS!

Well, I hadn’t seen it before (I usually don’t have a filter up, I have no idea why it was there now..) and it greatly amused me to say the least! delightfully tongue in cheek 😀

One thought on “Take me to the Kittens!

  1. It seems like every time they update FlickR, they remove this functionality at least temporarily. I hate that, as I like to check my account daily, and while in the office, the removal of this functionality gets quickly problematic..

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