tech updates

Masquerade - 10 x 12 Oils on Canvas
Masquerade – 10 x 12 Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

Having been a year since I installed and added custom CSS to my blog layout, I thought it was finally time to fix all those niggly little errors that have been residing in the back of my mind. the slightly out menu bar, the random red underlines on links.. little, non-important issues that drove me insane! well, they are finally fixed! what a weight off my brain. I sat and looked at the menu bar, now fully back in alignment, for a good five minutes just feeling happy that it was finally done!

now I am working on my phplist subscriptions, updating my database and fixing the glaring errors before sending out another newsletter. then i will update my webpage. the plan is, that I wont have any of these little issues bugging me when I can get back into the studio. I can just paint and be free.

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