5 thoughts on “Invitations

  1. Something on the back? ‘Laid-back affair’ ‘Come as you are’ ‘Let’s dance!’ ‘Very casual attire’ ‘Turn the card over and admire the front some more, it’s ART, Dammit!’ ‘Please send monitary contributions to the Jennie Rosenbaum I WANT TO BE RICH fund. Send a LOT!’

    You may feel free to use any of these suggestions free of charge, except the last one. We want 10%. šŸ˜‰

    Oops, I just looked more closely at the cards. I had thought they said PARTY, not Purity.

    In that case, I withdraw my suggestions. Except for the last two… -Steve

  2. Oh yeah, my vote is for the left one for the invite. Both are beautiful but I think the left one represents a more ‘Wow! I’m up there and flying now!’ attitude. The right one seems more like how you’ll feel after the event is over and you’re feeling more ‘Oh yes! That was sooo cool! Ahhh.’ -Steve

  3. ROFL Steve! that cracked me up! thanks for all your input Aeddan, Suz and Steve, I’ve ordered the ones on the left. no going back now! the back has a short blurb and a light greyscale image of one of the pieces.. I think it came out well. I can’t wait to see the printed versions! (gulp)

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