The last few weeks.

it’s been a difficult few weeks. stuff has been happening to disrupt our lives at the moment and I have not been coping as well as I would hope. we still don’t have a home to move to and we have to be out in two and a half weeks. rental occupancy is at an all time low and every open for inspection is swarming with prospective tenants. my husband’s hours have been cut back drastically and we are having a hard time making ends meet. despite all of this I have managed to host a large family christmas, recapture my christmas spirit and joy and to enjoy the holiday period. I have been able to catch up with good friends, family and to really enjoy the holiday (all the while telling myself that I couldn’t look for houses anyway with all the estate agents closed – so I may as well have fun!)

I still believe in christmas. not the religious aspects, but the sense of unity and joy that this season brings. I believe in miracles and in making a new start. I believe in renewing hope and in getting together with the people you love and focussing on only that. spreading joy and happiness as much as possible.

I am sure our problems will resolve themselves. they always do. I am such a control freak that I tend to work as hard as I can to bring about a resolution. I will make this happen.

Thankyou all for being patient with me. I am sorry this is such a downer post, I wanted to share with you the reasons why I can’t focus on blogging or even painting. I expect things will resolve soon. thankyou all 🙂

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