I’ve decided to try a little experiment. I’ve been tweeting for a while now, I really enjoy sending quick little bursts of thought out there from my phone wherever I am. so I’ve decided to start posting my tweets to my blog as well to get some crossposting happening and keep some daily personal content up here. partly this is because I fear that I have been somewhat lax in posting on my blog (last few weeks aside) but also partly because my blog is losing a personal edge to it. It’s also because I just love twitter that much. so we shall see how it goes. part of my new years plan is to consolidate a lot of my web 2.0 stuff so that I spend less time on all the individual accounts and more time on the rest of my goals. next week I will get back into posting regularly starting with my accomplishments from last year and my goals for this year. huh. “this year”.. it doesn’t feel right yet does it?

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