Help! what artwork should I donate to bushfire relief?

I need your help. I am donating a piece to an art auction to raise funds for bushfire relief. I am only allowed to contribute one work. which one should it be? you can vote on the ones I’ve already selected or add your own choice in as well.

This image has been marked as adult content by the artist.










The auction is on Tuesday March 3 at 6pm at BSG Gallery Brunswick st Fitzroy Melbourne. more details coming soon.
this post contains a poll. if you are reading it in rss you will need to click on the title and visit the post in order to vote – thanks!

4 thoughts on “Help! what artwork should I donate to bushfire relief?

  1. Angie and I both go with ‘Rage’, with those same flame reservations. However, looking at the long run for a collector, it makes sense to tie the artwork to the event. Years from now this will remind people of the horrible situation, though that may not have been your original intent. That doesn’t really matter, nobody knows what goes on in an artist’s mind anyway!

    If that idea raises the auction price, more good will be done for the cause plus the investor can visualize the potential.

    Just a thought, how about offering signed prints also, limited quantity, for those less monitarily endowed? Cover your costs, more tax deductions, free publicity.

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