Nude of the Week – Extend

Extend - a new nude by Jennie Rosenbaum

Oils on Canvas
5×7 in


This piece is one of two that I sketched up late at night, I’ve been sitting on the 3d versions for a while now and looked at them the other day and went.. yeah! lets do it! I am really happy with the level of detail in this tiny piece, I’m getting better and better at shadows and details.

at the moment I am fascinated with the shape and movement of hips, the attitude in them and the gravity in buttocks. it sounds strange but there is a lot of attitude in a pair of hips that are thrust forward. I am also obsessed with backlighting and of the different temperatures in lighting and the way they interact with skin. my 3d program really allows me to play with light and shadow and color, I love that everything I see translates back into art, it makes the whole world a magical place.

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