A recent conversation on Facebook made me think about identity. One of the reasons I love using digital models so much is that i’m working with something that has no identity of her own.

When you look back on my earlier works, and my blindfold pieces, faces are obscured, left out or blank. This is quite intentional each time, but each for different reasons. I now wonder if I am continually exploring the concept of identity in my works. nowadays I work with hints of face, slight expression.. I wonder if something is emerging there.

By taking something lifeless, emotionless, composed of pixels, shaping it, moving it, adding skin then lovingly bringing it to life on the canvas I turn it into a woman. What was it before? When did it become a woman? Who is it? Is it me, you, them?
They say you are every person in your dreams. I’ve even heard it said that artists always paint themselves in everything. I wonder if there is any truth to any of these things?
What do you think?

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