Studio update.



It’s been a while since I did a studio update. It’s finally coming together. I have four walls now (which is something you don’t really appreciate until working in an Australian summer under a tin roof-and then you get the power bill for your overtaxed air conditioner…) and a ceiling of sorts. My neighbours probably don’t hear my singing quite as much, and my air conditioner and heaters actually make a difference. It’s a good thing.

The ceiling is made from gluing tiles on one by one. This was an interesting procedure and probably won’t hold up forever. But it provides some insulation for now which is what I need. The wall was professionally installed. I will get the long suffering builder back to put a ceiling in eventually.

Now I just want to refinish the floor and add a sink and everything will be perfect! The hanging system on the walls will probably eventually be replaced by an ikea system and the massive home made bench will be changed to a smaller, nicer unit. I’m thinking about the ikea portable kitchen unit udden as it has an integrated sink and cupboards.
A lot of ikea goes into my studio. I like ikea.

The plumbing will be done by me using an abandoned outdoor watering system. It’s not perfect but it will give me water so I can clean my brushes without having to go inside and make a mess of the laundry sink.

Right now I am just relishing being able to control the temperature of my studio!


These photos are all of my studio during it’s day to day use. I need to tidy it, but there are things to do!

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