Nude of the week – pipes, steam punk burlesque nude render

Pipes – a steampunk nude Dazlstudio render I have yet to photograph the finished aviatrix yet so here is the render of the painting I am currently working on. it’s working name is pipes, but I don’t have a title for it yet. Sorry I didn’t post this last week, I had a migraine and…

Nude of the week -Motive- a nude world of Warcraft painting?

She’s consumed with herself and her desire to help, and Arthas, well, Arthas is being consumed by evil. do you remember the line in Billy Madison, ‘I drew a picture of a blue duck because i’ve never seen a blue duck before and I wanted to see a blue duck’ that’s what this painting is, I wanted to see what would happen if I painted them all in the nude, classically posed.

achieving my goals bit by bit…Online

I have the software, the knowledge, I just don’t have any excuses. my facebook page is going really strong, it could use some videos, some more images (must paint must paint) and a nice branded landing page. something to entice. that’s next weeks project. as far as redesigning my webpage goes, I’ve been using iweb with some haxies to create my page, and it’s good, it’s certainly easy and it doesn’t distract me with fun code to play with, but I need to step it up a bit.

achieving my goals for 2011 bit by bit – the studio

so, I mentioned that I had a number of goals for this year , getting back on track after taking a bit of maternity leave (I didn’t take much time off, but I always feel behind) so I’m going to break down my plan for each of my goals in turn in a project management new years series. this is so that I can a) get it all down in an accountable way, and b) show a little on how classic project management techniques can be used for artists.

My goals for 2011

I have been thinking about my goals for this year. They are broken down into personal, marketing, online, offline, exhibiting, creating art, learning and other revenue streams. At least so far… Last year was a wonderful year for me, I finally achieved one of my long term goals and gained gallery representation. I’ve been building…

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Whatever your pleasure this holiday season I hope you will enjoy it to your fullest! I know I will! it’s been insanity for us- between moving, celebrating and shopping it’s all crazy. but as I lie here, our tree next to me in our lovely new house, wrapping paper and presents everywhere, christmas music playing…

revisionist historian

Ennui I get ideas all the time. ideas for paintings, blog posts, tweets, thankyou letters, exhibitions, concepts, installations, companies, the future.. my backbrain is always churning, always creating, always coming up with new ideas. the problem is my forebrain. my forebrain gets involved and starts editing all these ideas. it puts the t in can. and the more I think about them the more I think people don’t want to read this, see this, think about that.. what if they don’t like it, what if they don’t like me, what if, what if whatif?