Hey Big Spender… Why the Platinum Club at Daz is worth it

I’ve been a platinum member for almost two years now. not as long as many but when I realized what a huge boon to my work Daz Studio was (and when they released Daz Studio advanced) I decided to take the leap. at first it was monthly, but last year when I got caught up in the October festivities I took out an annual membership and have never looked back!

Even more free nude models!

go here for all the free models you could want for artistic reference. for the bundles including morphs, characters, hair, clothes and more check out this link Personally I am very excited about this because it gives me the opportunity to start looking at a series I am interested in pursuing in protest of the new legislations currently under debate in Australia. that’s right, no sooner do I start one series that another pops into my little pea brain and I get all excited about that one instead!

you have your free nude models… now what?

Consternation reference image All those zip files that you downloaded in previous weeks are probably languishing away. expand them to your content folder in the main Daz|Studio application folder. you want the runtime folders to merge into your main runtime category so to do everything automatically it’s easiest if you set your expanding program to…

Adding realism to your nude models

Now that you have the basic models you may have noticed they look a little.. blah. the skin looks plastic and fake, the figures are basic and not very expressive in themselves, you need to inject a little reality. while photorealism isn’t completely necessary for a figure reference, I find it helps to create the…

Free Nude Models! (and other stuff)

This Post has been updated to reflect new technology! Read it here Victoria 3 and included updo hair The key to using Daz Studio is the content. Daz makes use of created models, much in the same way poser does, but for free. the main models usually cost money, however you can get a surprising…

how to get a nude model to do whatever, whenever, for free

photographs are excellent resources but sometimes you need greater control over the angle and posing and sometimes you need to think of the figure in three dimensions rather than two…. you can light your creation with many lights in different colors, control the shadows and angles then finally render your piece with all the reference you need to create your masterpiece!… I’ll cover how to find free content, how to pose and light models, how to morph and apply textures, what bump maps are and how they add to reality and how to use your images as references.


it started as a way for me to create, pose and light my ideal models then pick my angle for the image to paint…. It doesn’t help that there is a wealth of wonderful free or inexpensive content out there and I am a bit of a collection freak so I can’t help but download everything…. I used to use myself for a reference or my own mind, but lately my poses and angles have been getting more adventurous, and harder to realize without reference.