Royal Portrait WIP – Stage 1

This is starting to come along, I worked yesterday on adding character and features to the faces – they are starting to evolve into people. I am still a long way off and the work on the queens face is still plaguing me, she doesn’t look like herself yet but at least she has character – thats a good thing. It is hard to put something up when it isn’t perfect and is, in fact, a very very long way from perfect but I enjoy documenting the process. when I go back and look at it next time and reassure myself that it will all turn out and that I really do know what I’m doing!

Next step will be to add further detail to the faces and to start working on the fabric and backgrounds. I need to start building up the glazes on the fabrics as well as on the faces. I will probably alternate in sessions to make sure there will be enough time for drying in between. I think one of the mistakes I made with bre was not putting in even time with the fabric and the face and the background.

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