5 Simple Steps to Owning My Career – Step 3: Goals

Step 3 in my blog project is where we start actually exploring what I want. We’ve established the type of people who inspire me and who I am, Now we need to work out what I really want from myself and my career.

Obviously I want to be filthy rich and live in an enormous mansion with servants to do my bidding and attend my every whim. now that we’ve got that out of the way.. what do I really want? I am going to break this into groups to keep my goals organized. I want to get really specific here. Apparently one of the keys to success (one I hear over and over again) is to have a very clear visualization of your goals and to see yourself achieving them.

Career Goals

  • Collected by museums
  • Worldwide recognition (not necessarily household name, but certainly known in art circles)
  • Presence in publications
  • Demand for my work
  • Worldwide travel for my art exhibitions, speaking engagements and for inspiration and residencies
  • Controversy. I don’t want to be run of the mill, I want to spark debate and intrigue and stand out from the crowd
  • A nice big studio, with some nice furniture and a comfy couch for me to rest on. also good storage, quality materials and excellent light
  • Assistant(s) for stretching, priming, color blending and blocking as well as helping me out physically and handling calls so I have time to create
  • The chance to live forever. I want that shot. I think all artists do

Art Goals

  • Recognizable works
  • My Own Style
  • Unique perspectives and interpretations
  • Continual growth in perception, techniques and styles
  • I want to progress and learn and make each piece better than the last
  • To learn more about myself
  • To inspire others to create or learn more about art
  • To challenge people’s perceptions
  • To make people think and feel

Material Goals

  • A satisfactory take home income that will be enough to support myself, Liam and our kids comfortably
  • A nice house
  • Substantial investments and financial planning for retirement
  • Provision for family traveling
  • Provision for medical needs and insurance
  • Able to afford good schooling, university and extra curricular activities
  • An LPG 4WD at a good height to assist my getting in and out, plenty of room for kids and/or artworks
  • Nice clothes and the ability to shop a fair bit 😉
  • Ability to go out to dinner with Liam, family and/or friends fairly regularly
  • A good regular cleaner

Personal Goals

  • To get my condition to a stage where it is easier to deal with
  • To work to a point where recovery after a crash or excess exertion is as short as possible
  • To regain some flexibility, mobility and function
  • To be less dependent on other’s care, especially Liam’s
  • Regaining strength to the point where I can sustain a longer walk, stand or sit for longer and be able to hold an exhibition without too much recovery.
  • Acceptance of my figure and a lessening of my BDD and EDs.
  • A strong, confident mindset.
  • To gain some sales abilities
  • To lessen my need for approval, especially from my mother
  • Acceptance of myself and to gain respect for myself and abilities
  • Stop beating myself up all the time

I think that’s it for my goals. Next stage will be brainstorming how to go about getting some of them. I think a lot of these are snowballing goals. so if I can find the right ways forward, things should spiral out from there into a realization of my key goals. Some of these may seem a little over the top but I think they are realistic and attainable goals. Many artists have achieved goals like these before, and I think, if I apply myself and work hard, I will be able to as well.

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