In line with my renewed interest in color and pastels I started experimenting with bizarre colors and a different drawing technique. This one is heaps of fun because it is done with many layered lines. It is so exciting to see the image emerge from nothing but straight lines and the mood change with different color additions.

This technique is great for loosening up and relaxing as well as seeing the disparate lines that make up an image. I asked myself, What makes a good nude image? I like to use rich curves and interconnecting lines and circles.. this is a departure from that to look at the lines themselves. to look at the connecting lines that are less obvious, to make the lines a feature. I want to play more with this and possibly look at taking it further in terms of color, building, abstraction and distortion. Layering the colors and lines more, creating more tonal differentiation and more background work, taking it to a more complete work. It is just too much fun, so energetic. Less sensual, more frenetic and very interesting!

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