Nude Years Resolutions

Discovery  - 36 x 36  Acrylic, Pastel and Gesso on Canvas

Discovery – 36 x 36 Acrylic, Pastel and Gesso on Canvas by Jennie

I am one of those people who needs boundaries but tends to resent them. whether they are physical, emotional or arbitrary I rail against boundaries and limits – the problem is, that I also function better when they are there. so this year, I am going to make less resolutions in the hopes of creating some tangible boundaries that wont box me in too tight, boxing me in is the best way to ensure I won’t do anything at all.

This year the theme is Owning It. Owning my condition (s), owning my family, owning my issues, neuroses and anxieties and owning my career. oh, and pwning it too wherever possible.

This year I will paint more. I get caught up in the marketing and the web side of things and forget that the number one thing to improve my career will be to push ahead as an artist. to explore my abilities and work on my art and finally get all those ideas out.

This year I will have a solo show. I had a few opportunities last year, but I couldn’t explore them as I wanted – I let myself get caught up in fear and didn’t do what was necessary. not this year. it’s time.

This year I will save moneys. I am trying to learn to save – I’m appalling at it but I need to do it. I have a number of tricks that should help.

This year I will work through my fabric stash. I just have too much fabric and lots of clothing ideas that I just need to sit down and sew! I will then have a wonderful wardrobe that suits me and room to buy more fabric.

This year my condition will not get the best of me. I will go out more with friends. I will go outside and walk in the sunlight. I will work on my strength and endurance. I will remember that I am stronger than this.

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