“children should not be exposed to nudity”

The Chandelier Project by Stephen Cohen

“We have also indicated that teachers are at liberty to choose the type of art they wish to use in the classroom. But they should check with the learners’ parents first.”

The chief executive of the Federation of Associations of Governing Bodies of South African Schools, Paul Colditz, said children should not be exposed to nudity.

“I am not an art expert and I won’t comment about the relevance of nude art in the school curriculum. But from a moral point of view, no parent would want their children to be taught about nudity at school,” Colditz said.

[From Too nude for school : Mail & Guardian Online]

I’m sorry, don’t these kids have baths? get undressed and dressed again? have gym at school? what a delightfully general comment – “no parent would want their children to be taught about nudity at school” first off, haven’t the children already been taught about nudity? in it’s most basic form? one presumes that if these kids haven’t heard of nudity or seen it in some form by the time they get to school, well there is certainly something very wrong.
This restriction applies to school curriculum in South Africa where performance artist Steven Cohen has been struck from the curriculum due to his nude content. the arts community is outraged because Cohen is one of South Africa’s most famous living artists. but I think this issue is deeper than striking one artist from the books, because where one is dropped, more may follow – and then what? Paul Colditz’s attitude horrifies and dismays me – how many works of art will be sacrificed out of fear that children may see a nude body?

One thought on ““children should not be exposed to nudity”

  1. I have to agree completely with you Jennie. Nudity in itself is not harmful to anyone. Maybe if we accepted nudity as part of being human early on we wouldn’t find it a such taboo later in life.

    I recently was asked to exhibit my art at a dance studio, however they want me to paint a selection of new pieces because the exhibition is open to the public and therefore they stipulate “NO NUDES”.
    Well Since I’ve wanted to do a selection of dance paintings anyway, I’m accepting the exhibition, but I do find it irritating that society seems to still living in 19th century morality.

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