Image by Jennie (c).

Another in this series of impasto pieces. I am really liking this technique. I have to be extremely fast with the knife and will usually go through the image several times before I get it right. I drew a similarity to chinese calligraphy in my head the other night because its a similar system. I have to do the entire image right. if I don’t, I have to start over. the entire piece is so related that any hesitation or mistake shows instantly.

This is both very satisfying and very frustrating at the same time. I love when the image finally appears but I go through many versions before the final and sometimes I have to make a decision on a reasonable version because it isn’t quite good enough. I have to gamble that eventually the right version will come through. It does pay off. I love the frenetic energy that comes through in these pieces. I enjoy the challenge and the sculptural aspects.

Anyway, this is from a quick sketch that I did and then almost threw out because I didn’t like it. Liam was really upset that the original sketch was almost destroyed in artistic pique so after the last image I thought it would translate nicely into this medium. plus it doesn’t have charcoal footprints all over it.

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2 thoughts on “Running

  1. Hi Jenny,
    Your new blog is easier to read (on white).
    I am sure people will follow your trail as you throw enough crumbs to keep us fed. LOL
    I love “Running” and love this technique. Saw one today at the Belgrave show and had me thinking about having a play this week. I will post on mu blog for you to see how i go.
    Anyway great to read your posts and best of Luck with wordpress ans less fristration 🙂

  2. Thanks Kayleen, I think its easier to read too 😀 definitely easier to write in.

    I am really enjoying this technique, its so sculptural and loose – its fun to try to capture the essence in a few lines

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