Currently Untitled..

Phew! the good thing about my new iPod is that I am finally able to work at night again. I think my best work comes out at night for some reason, I am more inspired and more in tune with my creative forces.. or something like that. I need music to paint. part of my process is always centered around getting lost in a musical or something with a story where I can focus on the music and let my subconscious paint instead. So now I have an iPod and easy access to all my music and the best part is because it’s going through my headphones I can paint long into the night with no worries about waking Liam! so I can really get into the creation zone. I did that last night.

So this painting is one of the series for my upcoming exhibition. it’s in my other favorite technique and I think it came off pretty well. I love the hands. It is a little strong in places, and yet again I think I ended up painting myself but I think the strength is part of it. In a fit of Pique at around 3am I decided to completely re-do the shoulders and neck and almost ruined the painting in the process. This technique does not edit easily in sections. like the impasto one I can smooth over and start again but with this one I have to do all sorts of complicated things and it muddies very easily. I am getting better though I think!

Anyway, I haven’t titled this one yet.. if you have any suggestions for a good title please share!

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2 thoughts on “Currently Untitled..

  1. lol Thanks Soph! I actually returned to this and worked on it some more so the attitude may have been changed a little.. we shall see 😀 I need to look at it a few more times
    Posted by Jennie Rosenbaum(www) at 16:38 Sunday June 28, 2006

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