because one nude Sarah Palin just wasn’t enough

Sarah Palin Nude by Pricasso

oh yes. this time it’s a painting created by infamous Australian artist Pricasso (Tim Patch). guess what he paints with? the piece is artistically better, the composition, posing and coloration are more dynamic and fluid. but my statements from before still stand. I am not a Sarah Palin supporter and I am not particularly offended by this piece or the technique involved, but I do wonder if she would be lampooned and, yes, even objectified this way if she wasn’t female. I feel that works like this reinforce the notion that she’s a colossal joke because she’s a chick. don’t get me wrong- I still think she’s a colossal joke, just that her gender isn’t the cause. I think everyone is getting caught up in her femaleness and that can only hurt female politicians who aren’t, actually, colossal jokes.

back to Pricasso, I’ve always wondered about the ramifications of using his tool for the trade. it’s very delicate skin and the toxicity of a lot of different paints and pigments are very well known. even if he uses non toxic paints and solvents, I can’t help but wonder what the impact is on the local environment..

for a video of Pricasso in action and further comments on this piece check out Art News Blog.

For more of Pricasso’s world Leaders visit his Web Page.

6 thoughts on “because one nude Sarah Palin just wasn’t enough

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  3. Well Jenny, you never post my replies anymote, but I’ll give it a shot again.

    hmmm hmmm hmmm

    Oh, sorry about that pause. Fluffy the Cat decided it was time for an ear rub against my mouse hand. He’s purring now but could be back at any minute.

    Why is there such a fuss about Sara’s sexuality? Because she’s a woman! She’s cute, dumb as a brick, and photopgenic. Do we need more than that? (Is she not the perfect woman? ie: Stepford)

    Equality between the sexes has come a long way in the last three decades, but the reality still is, well, real. Men like cute chicks and men spend most of the money. That’s why Sarah is so much fun!

    Ah, sorry. Just a totally sexist viewpoint from a middle-aged guy that tends to see things as they really are. They call us cynics… -S

    PS: I sincerely hope that you folks realize how deeply my tongue is embedded into my cheeck in most of my writings, here and elsewhere.

    I love life and people and all the crazy things we do. I also think we’re pretty silly and I feel free to take pot-shots at us anytime. Pot-shots? Hell, I’m a middle-aged Wisconsin Nudist. How can anybody who claims to be a nudist in a state covered with snow for most of the year expect to be taken seriously? Promo:

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