Nude of the Week – Expecting

Expecting - a new nude by Jennie Rosenbaum


Watercolor and Pencil on Paper

I painted this a couple of months ago, just after I saw those two little lines for the first time. I’ve been waiting, like most people these days, until I hit the second and less risky trimester to tell people online. This is the last, good thing I have painted since I became blocked. I think that the extra work involved in creating a baby has drained my creative reserves. I found it hard to stand at my easel as waves of dizziness and nausea washed over me. this has not been an easy process so far, but I am hoping that my work will pick up now that I am beginning to feel better.

6 thoughts on “Nude of the Week – Expecting

  1. I think you are going through what happens to most Artists..’Expecting’ is better than many of you paintings….you are slowly getting there..I know you never answer my comments …and that is fine…Good luck with whatever you do….Malcolm

  2. Malcolm, do you actually put effort into your backhanded insults or does it just come naturally to you? Because if this comment is representative of other comments you’ve made on this blog, then you really come across as a passive-aggressive arsehole who if confronted would defend himself as being “supportive” and giving “constuctive criticism”. I don’t blame her for not answering your comments. She probably doesn’t want to dignify them with a response.

    What the f*** do you mean she is “slowly getting there”? By whose standards? Yours? I already don’t like you and so your opinion means diddley-squat to me. There are plenty of people who think Jennie’s work is already “there”, and has been “there” for some time.

    If Jennie’s art techniques are not to your liking, that is your opinion, but please man up enough to recognise them as just that, YOUR opinion. Don’t sell your opinions like facts. Luckily everyone who admires art doesn’t agree with your taste.

    Now, run back home and tell your mother you’d love to visit her but you can’t afford it (having just spent all your money on cigarettes and video games) – that’s your style, isn’t it?

  3. I think the president is right….but I really do admire Jennie…I think her courageous way of charging straight in …and not being afraid…to have a go at any pose… obviously some are better than others… my only reason for saying (In my Opinion certain ones are terrific)
    is to help….I think ‘Expecting’ is possibly the best one she has done….Cigarettes No..
    Video games definately No… Have a good day….Malcolm

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