New Nude – Luminous

Luminous - 12x12 Oils on Canvas

Luminous – 12×12 Oils on Canvas by Jennie
This painting is for sale at BSG

This nude is part of my submission for the current exhibition Small Works at BSG. it’s funny, sometimes working within a constrained format can be liberating, it causes my mind to work in different ways.

I always do better work for a show, something about the need to get pieces done causes me to move past the indecision, fears and teething troubles working on a new piece. sometimes the spontaneity can be refreshing. on the other hand, I also resent my need to work under pressure. I don’t think it’s the pressure itself that I have a problem with – it’s my courage under fire, I wish I could summon it up at other times.

these works were kind of hard to get out, I was quite sick and feverish and I had very little notice, nevertheless I am quite pleased with this one.

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