controversial giant breasts sculpture

Sorry I’ve been so out of it lately, I’ve been ill and sore. I started a number of blog posts, only to realize that they made no sense! hopefully I will be back on top of things the meantime, this is an interesting video that came across my screen, it caught my eye because lately I’ve had times where I feel like this! it does hit at our identity in some ways, often women are not only judged by their breasts but base our identities as women on them.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

it’s an interesting concept. ‘how big do we want our breasts to be’ has come under attack, literally, for it’s controversial nature but I think it makes an excellent point. There is so much focus on the idea that bigger is better, that all we need is enhancement to be as sexy as possible. if my email is anything to go by anyway! I see so many ridiculous morphs in 3D art that make these sculptures seem practically normal. these concepts are often created by men with infantile mammalian fantasies. it’s interesting that this sculpture was created by a male, I think it’s really interesting and well executed. it’s a shame they’ve felt the need to censor the sculptures.

4 thoughts on “controversial giant breasts sculpture

  1. If I may make a comment here as a male, there is an old but quite true (from a male perspective) comment which I heard bandied around the assorted sporting bars I frequented in my youth. “Any more than a handful is a waste”. Of course that was back in the day when a woman had a bust, a waist and hips. I’m not sure where the modern day theory that men want huge boobs on a stick insect came from. Probably America where so much which perverts humanity originates.

    This sculpture highlights just one part of the body image malaise which is overpowering the Western World.

  2. Interesting sculpture. The “bigger is better” premise taken to a ridiculous extreme yet so many don’t get it. They see a pair of breasts and go “OMG, exposed nipples! We can’t have that!”

    To be honest, big breasts do momentarily grab my attention, if only because they’re so blatantly out there. But it takes a woman’s inner qualities to keep me interested. Contrary to popular belief, size doesn’t matter, only the person within.

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