If I thought that what you thought was that I hadn’t thought about sharing my thoughts

I have been expanding my musical theater collection even more – I now have over a day of music just in musicals and have started sorting them into separate sub genres (like my metal collection)

I like sub genres.

I have been particularly appreciating Company (1970 – Sondheim) which has some brilliant comedic songs and typical Sondheim lyrics. I particularly like the song ‘the little things’ which is a brilliant look at marriage and relationships and divorce that still gives me tears in the eyes from laughing.

Tick Tick BOOM! (2001 – Jonathan Larson) is a great rock style musical with a brilliant homage/filk/takeoff of the Sunday song from ‘Sunday in the Park with George’ this is worth listening to just for the drool line. The Therapy song is also very worth it.
Tick Tick BOOM! Synopsis and Lyrics – Courtesy of Stacy’s Musical Village

I think I like patter songs. I am listening to the Therapy song right now and I am thinking about some of my favorite musicals – almost all of them have patter songs. All the comedy ones do anyway. I think Sondheim has taken the torch from G&S though on the patter song front. His are all different and all brilliant!

I have recently discovered Ovation on foxtel and watched By Jeeves (a very early Lloyd Webber musical) and Hair. I am also looking forward to watching Art in Reverse where they go from the exhibition backwards through the development of the pieces. This could be a really good learning experience!

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