Crisis Averted

100_3209.JPG I was worried that I was running out of inspiration.. but crisis averted! now I have even more ideas. I am very excited again. I can see them blossoming in my head. speaking of blossoming, I laid the groundwork for one today with an enormous flower in her hair. I seem to be gong a little insane on the color details, I am working on new things I have never tried before, bringing in all the stuff I learned doing my Flemish technique stuff. So far there will be eyes, tattoos, jewelry, flowing and richly colored fabrics (including chiffon!) and plant life. I am contrasting a lot of the sketchy nudes with detailed bits and bobs – some of which are bloody hard! do you have any idea how insane it is to paint crystal?
My current setup is to work a couple of days on the nude, then let it dry and slowly glaze up the detail piece. The eye above had about 4 or 5 glazes added. I am overlapping while everything dries, I have about 4 pieces on the go right now. I still don’t know about pricing, I am concentrating on painting right now, the prices will follow soon.

The press releases are going out, I have sent what I have done to the gallery and to Melinda and Frank. I have also sent out the local ones (which reminds me to follow up tomorrow as my email is down still). we will probably sort out the catalog soon, and the invitations are arriving in the next day or so – I am so excited! It’s really coming together.

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