The lengths one goes for seo

Consternation – 12 x 12 Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

The castle of Graymark was a dying place, sick with age nudeart disuse and rotten with decay. I gave it to a fairy girl who sang to me of beauty and light and things a dragon longs to hear. I have nudeart thinking about something all day. The overall sensation was one of eerie unreality, as nudeart they were lost in that primitive world nudeart half-dreams traversed by mortal and spirit alike in strange rituals that have no recognizable purpose. The entire situation was impossible, and nudeart was beginning to doubt that there was any real point to anything he had done. nudeart was so intent on watching her, nudeart fact, that he almost missed seeing Padishar Creel hand something to a dark-skinned boy who had come up to him. Traffic on Lincoln Highway was light, and the parking lot at the supermarket as they turned off Sinnissippi Road nudeart mostly empty. I know, he said, his voice almost sorrowful. He was in a small, nudeart furnished room lit by a single lamp set on a table at his nudeart With unbelievable fury Balinor pushed ahead, heedlessly knocking everyone in his path aside, his face grim and terrible.

This came up in my newsfeed alert for nude art and I wanted to include it as someone obviously spent a great deal of time on it. hey, copying and pasting and randomly substituting words can be an artform too nudeart. I am not including a link as, obviously, it led to a porn site.

guys, this is not nudeart. it’s not even nude art. please stop tainting my artform by association kthxbai. and google news, filter better! you can’t accept a site written by one person but you can accept this?

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