TV as art

I believe that TV can be a vehicle for art just as much as movies and certainly as much as the video art that is currently littering the galleries.

I watch a lot of TV. My life is art, Cable TV and Internet so I am in a position to critique.

Six Feet Under is Art. It makes us look at ourselves and feel glad for what we have, it makes us look at death and mortality in a non threatening way and understand it- and it makes us appreciate what goes between, the little moments.

the cinematography, the colors and lack of saturation, the angles and the way it makes us see things from so many angles is compelling. It is distorted so that we hate the people we should love and love the people we want to hate. It is dark, frequently funny and real in a way reality TV cannot capture.

Guess what I am watching right now? 😛 I am so glad arena moved it back to weekdays – Liam hates it so I have to watch it alone.

I think the faces are beautiful.

Six Feet Under is pretty understandable, most people would probably agree with me. I also consider Invader Zim to be art. That might be a little wierder. walk with me on this.

Zim has an artistic art style with bizarre color uses and angles. It also presents a bleak view of our world through massive distortion and abstraction that is like looking through shards of a broken mirror.


Ok its funny and silly and wrong too – and that is good.

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